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(Sudden Unexpected Death Of A Spouse)

sudSSpirit is a grief support group that meets monthly for those that have lost a spouse or significant other suddenly and unexpectedly. The group is free to attend with no registration required and it never ends. sudSSpirit provides a safe, non judgmental environment that is informal and conversation among the group is confidential. The group meets in an open forum with the group deciding what is to be talked about. Handouts related to grief topics are distributed monthly in addition to a quarterly newsletter that is available to anyone anywhere for free. The group is facilitated by someone who is not a therapist or counselor. They are one of you. Attendees will realize that they are not alone in their grief journey and the group is there to provide infinite support.


For additional information please contact Dominic Murgido at 717-866-2401 or or  sudSSpirit also has a facebook page. Click here to join the discussion and Like our page.

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