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Coalition Resources

Information, links to websites and articles to benefit our community in learning more about end of life care. If you know of a link that would benefit visitors to this site, please use the Contact Us tab. Thank you.

Links To Websites

Berks County Area Agency on Aging › dept › aging › Pages

Berks Encore Care Management & Advocacy - Berks ... › berks-encore-care-manageme...

Caring Connections | Family Caregiver Alliance › caring-connections-0

Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices

Hospice Foundation Of America - Home

Last Acts | Caring Community

Plan Your Lifespan

The Conversation Project - Have You Had The Conversation?

U.S. Living Will Registry

What is Palliative Care? | Definition of Palliative Care | Get ... › whatis

Elder Care Locator     

The John Hartford Foundation


Senior Caregiver Alliance

Articles That May Be Of Interest

These articles are provided for informational purpose only.

→Grace Before Dying


→Estate Planning 101


→Embracing Different Cultures In The Service Of Dying

→Controversy Over People In Vegetative States

→What Is Grief Really Like?

→How Geriatrics Experts Care For Their Own

→Terminal Illness and Family Upheaval

→I’m Having A Very Good Death

→Respecting Choice At The End Of Life

→Why Talking About End Of Life Care Is More Important Than Ever

→Sibling Loss

→Hospitals Make Palliative Care A Priority

→Helping Families Deal With Suicide

→Growing Older In An Urban Village

→Impact And Awareness Of Terminal Illness

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