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Number one: Quality of Life


My name is Deborah Nicholson. I am the Circle of Life Coalition's Board Chair. We often bring monthly presentations to the community, but we cannot usually discuss things after the presentations. This blog is intended to provide a safe environment to discuss all things surrounding quality of life, end of life, planning and navigating all of the challenges that come along with making sure you and your loved ones have wishes honored, respected and communicated.

Quality of Life:

This is a phrase we say to introduce our Circle of Life Coalition presentations and sometimes in our comments or questions.

What do you think of when you hear this phrase?

Do you think of the past, present or future?

Do you make comparisons to the past and present?

What do you hope for the future?

For some of us, the future view of our quality of life may be, simple. For example, to have the ability to have food and shelter. You may expand your definition to include what type of shelter and food, the quality of your relationships with people, hobbies, travel and so on.

Will the answers change as you age or if you have a serious life event?

What do you plan for?

How do you plan for the things that equal quality to you?

Do you plan at all?

What happens if you don’t plan?

Can you plan?

What are the barriers?

Pick one or all the questions posed above! I look forward to any and all responses. It could even be a question back. Don't be daunted!

I will start. You can plan for your quality-of-life future. If you do not plan you and your family may need to get a crash course during a crisis! It doesn't cost any money to explore your options. Check out This tool can be used by anyone of any age and shared with family and healthcare providers.

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